How To Rise Above Your Circumstances.

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Have you ever been there?

You know. There. Yes, there where everything seems to happen to you, instead of for you.

In this post, you will learn how to rise above your circumstances, how one woman overcame what see.ed like a curse of the holiday season.

A boulder fell on her and she thrived through it.

I am going to share a story of one amazing human being whom I proudly call my friend.

I seriously doubt you’ve heard the story of Karen Richardson, a doting wife, mother of two beautiful children.

Never let life happen to you. Instead, let it happen for you.

Sometimes, in life, things will happen to test your faith.

This past April on stage in Arizona, Karen Richardson shared her story. how to rise above your circumstances.

She had traveled all the way from England to mastermind with us at our company event.

There was not a dry eye in the hall as Karen shared her story.

Is it possible to have more than  your share of sad events in life?

I wonder sometimes.

Late fall of 2017, Karen’s mom was diagnosed with a mystery illness that nearly took her life.

She was hospitalized for a few weeks, and eventually got better enough to return home.

Shortly after that, Karen’s father, Ken, also fell ill, and nearly lost his life as well.

Ken was also hospitalized for a few days. He also got better, and was sent home.

How much can one person or family take?

Talk about things that will test your faith, right?

Having one sickness event in one family is more than enough.

But, two?

This is what Karen was dealing with late 2017.

To add insult to the proverbial injury, Karen’s little son also became deathly ill.

He was diagnosed with a burst appendix.

He was rushed to the emergency room where he underwent emergency surgery.

Now i remember as a little boy, having my father go through a similar episode of appendicitis.

It was not pretty. My father nearly died.

Now, back to Karen and jher family.

As you can imagine, Christmas of 2017 was both stressful (for lack of a better word) and a blessing for Karen’s family.

Stressful because she cam close to losing three members of her family.

A blessing because by God’s grace and mercy, all three of them made it into 2018.

In the end, we alll learned how to rise above your circumstances.

As a affiliate marketer and business owner, Karen was able to take time off to care for her parents and her son, without asking for anyone’s permission.

What if she had been an emplyee at a company?

Would they have allowed her to take all that time?

More than likely, Karen would have been let go for “costing” the company revenue.

Because Karen online business was on auto-pilot, she was still making money even though she was not actively  “present” in her business.

Can you take time off from your job for as long as you want in order to care for a sick loved one?

Truth of the matter is that not many people can without the fear of losing their job.

What are you doing to position yourself right now?

Click here to check out what Karen did to never get fired by a boss.

Could you thrive like Karen if a boulder fell on you like it did her?

Be joyful in all things, and situations.


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