Do I Have To Talk To People?

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One of the questions I get asked often with regard make money online or home business is this…

Do I have to talk to people. Do I have to recruit others?

Frankly, I am puzzled at these questions. Not because they are asked.

But, more because those who ask these questions choose these particular ones to ask.

Here is the thing. Regardless of the type of business you choose…

From brick and mortar to work-at-home, you need other human beings to succeed.

If people don’t buy, you don’t make any money. If no one knows that you’re in business, nobody will show up to your door.

Same rules apply if your business is online.

Better questions to ask.

Instead of asking do I have to talk to people. Ask this …

“What do I need to do to make my business work?

…or what skillsets do I need to learn?”

When you ask better questions, you get better answers and solutions.

Of course, you always have a choice. You don’t have to recruit anyone if you don’t want to.

You don’t have to tell anybody about your business if you don’t want to.

Your results will reflect your choice(s).

...Remember this.

When you have other people working with you, their increase becomes your increase.

Check out the video below:

Why? If they succeed, you succeed. They will point to you as the person who helped them get what they wanted.

That’s a win win.

But, you don’t have to do any of these things. You can always build by yourself, and see how it goes.

However, if you want increase, help others increase…

In value and growth.

Let’s increase each other.

To the Top.


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Chintua Alozie

My Mission. If you are wondering who is Chintua Alozie. I am former Marine (once a Marine, always a Marine). I served four active years in the United States Marine Corps from 1992 to 1996 and did 3 years as a reservist after that. I developed the love and passion for network marketing right after. Somehow I knew I wanted more than a regular 9-5. The Journey. My passion is in helping people. Helping them develop their leaderships abilities. I love to see the smile on people's faces when they conquer a challenge or an obstacle. I didn't have it easy when I got started. You name the business, i joined it. I guess you could say I was a “program hopper” I had a sickness called “the shiny-object-syndrome”. But, in each case, I was “ignorance-on-fire”. Through my journey, I learned some valuable lessons and skills. But, there was one thing that always eluded me. I could never figure out why I was struggling and some people (the Heavy Hitters) were crushing it, and making lots of money. I wanted badly to be like those people. My advise. be yourself. I am here to help struggling network marketers and home business owners who are having a tough time generating qualified leads for their business. I show marketers how to use attraction marketing to make more connections with people who are looking for them. My goal as a Happiness Specialist is to help the financially oppressed become more aware of their God-given potential, and to not be held captive by their fears. How can I help you? I finally learned why some people crush it and others don't. Those who crush it in their business have one thing in common…they never give up. They never quit. They don't blame others for their failures. The most important thing the successful people know that others don't is this: the amount of money you make is equal to the value you provide to the world. The successful entrepreneurs give value first. They also lead from a place of strength. They don't beg for your business. They don't come from a place of lack. I have come to learn that in order to become a person of value, you have to take care of your mindset. How you think. What you think about. You must also have a clear vision of who you want to become, and what you want. I know what it feels like to struggle in network marketing, not knowing how to attract the right type of people. Not everyone is meant to be in your business. I am here to help you see the greatness in you to become the best you were meant to be. If you are open to changing what's not working, and you are coachable… "A leader is someone who gets others to believe in themselves."